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Contract Templates

With experience in evaluating and negotiating thousands of payments-related contracts, we are uniquely situated to assist you in developing payments industry standard agreements for use with your customers, vendors, agents and banking partners.

By using clear language to explain complex relationships and meeting industry expectations in areas like service levels, term and termination, commercial pricing, assignment of risk and liability caps, we can help reduce costly back and forth and reach your commercial goals more quickly, while making sure that you are protected in any eventuality.


Contract Negotiation

We specialize in facilitating your commercial goals while protecting your legal and compliance interests. We represent our clients in complex contract negotiations ranging from cross-border partnerships to merchant agreements.

As our understanding of the unique goals and challenges surrounding your payments business deepens, our services become all the more efficient and cost-effective. Whether you are a PSP, a Merchant of Record, or an alternative payment provider, we will work with you to save valuable time in closing deals and improving your time to revenue.


Regulatory Compliance Opinions

If you are encountering the same questions regarding your business model as you develop your partner and vendor network, we can prepare a legal regulatory compliance opinion that you can easily provide when these questions arise.

Compliance opinions are also invaluable to demonstrate corporate due diligence and to facilitate meaningful, cooperative dialogue in regulatory inquiries.

The objective opinion of outside legal counsel provides the most compelling demonstration of your company’s commitment to its regulatory compliance obligations, from compliance with local and regional legislation like the EU Payment Services Directive, card scheme regulations like PCI-DSS, or global initiatives like Know Your Customer (KYC), OFAC, and Anti-Money Laundering requirements (AML).

We can further assist you with putting legal opinions into practice and transforming these into practical compliance programs and policies that your company can adopt, with our assistance.



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